Emeralds TM Tropical Landscape Hibiscus Plant Single Peach Orange Little Tiger 4 Inch Pot

LITTLE TIGER Tropical Landscape Hibiscus Live Plant Single Pastel Peach Orange Burgundy Throat Flower Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald TM

  • Economical 4 Inch Starter Size Plant Growing In A 4 Inch Starter Size Pot
  • Prolific, reliably bloomer produces classic single hibiscus flower in soft muted multi hues of peach orange with a brown red throat
  • Old, heirloom, tropical landscape shrub. Vigorous growing, resilient, disease resistant bush.
  • Great gift for a beginning Hibiscus Collector or new gardener.
  • Tropical. Recommended for USDA Zones 9, 10, 11 (Cold Protection Recommended All Zones for the best year round appearance, earliest bloom, and longest life.

Product Information: Common Name: Tropical Hibiscus Little Tiger Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa seninsis Mature Size: 4 feet Flower Color: Orange, apricot, yellow, burgundy Bloom Form: Pinwheel classic hibiscus single Fragrance: None Recommended USDA Zone: 9, 10, 11 Soil Type: Fertile Well Draining Soil PH: Acidic Watering: Moderate Special Features: Tough resilient plant, pretty abundant flowers Suggested Uses: Hedge, Mass Planting, Mixed Perennials, Accent, Potted House Plant Adaptive

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.99

Emeralds Tm Tropical Hibiscus Plantsingle Medium Pink Maroon Throat Classic Collectors Favorite 4 Inch Pot

  • Economical starter size 4 inch diameter pot
  • Showy, prolific, perpetual bloomer
  • Classic single hibiscus flowers, in medium pink with a maroon throat
  • Popular, collector’s favorite, heirloom tropical hibiscus
  • Recommended for Zones 9 10, 11 (Cold protection required in all zones)

Tropical Hibiscus are the hallmarks of tropical landscapes. Painted Lady is an old, heirloom cultivar with many of the best traits of the species. Painted Lady grows full and busy, and blooms prolifically and repeatedly with bright classic single hibiscus flowers in a bright medium shade of rose pink with a deep maroon to ruby colored throat. Plant in a well drained full sun location. Painted lady is a vigorous, easy to grow cultivar that works great for hedges and mass plantings, as an accent,


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