GARDENING: Exclusive offer: 10% off Suttons seeds

GARDENING: Exclusive offer: 10% off Suttons seeds
There's still lots of seeds you can sow this month and next, including flowers Antirrhinum Illuminations Mix; Echium Little Bells, plus veg Callaloo and onion North Holland Blood Redmate. Now's the time to spot which areas/plants are underperforming, …
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Where to buy the best-value vegetable seeds
Its hybrids find their way into our best seed catalogues, often with the AGM (the RHS's Award of Garden Merit) added to their name. Robin explained that seed costs are going up all the time. “Nowadays F1 seeds are produced all over the world, rather …

The garden's small wonders
The Chef's Garden, a fascinating outfit in Huron, Ohio, that ships fresh produce, has the sizing of vegetables down to an esoteric science. “We have learned from chefs over the years,” its online catalogue explains, “that every stage of the plant …
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