Heirloom Organic Garden Vegetable Seeds NON GMO Easy Growers

Heirloom Garden Vegetable Seeds NON GMO Easy Growers

  • 12 Heirloom Varieties of Vegetable Seeds – Open-Pollinated, Non-Hybrid & Non-GMO.
  • These seeds produce new seeds every planting year for perpetual food production.
  • NON GMO Non-Hybrid seeds
  • 170 pages in Downloadable PDF Growing Guides
  • Made In The USA By American Families 82,000 Customers Growing Daily

Why has the price of food doubled in the last year? Why is it still rising? Supply and demand food supplies will eventually dry up, Non-Hybrid Non-GMO Vegetable Seed will SUSTAIN OUR FOOD NEEDS WHEN CANNED(expired), FREEZE DRIED(destroyed) and all other food sources are gone ! The New World Order and the Global Economy are here NOW!! The UN AGENDA 21 CALLS FOR Sustainable Development. GO GREEN !! THINK ABOUT IT BE PREPARED!! YOU CAN GROW NEW GENERATIONS OF VEGETABLES THUS PROVIDING A NEVER ENDIN


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