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Helen Chesnut: Lack of sun could hurt tomatoes; grow impatiens from seed
Dear T.D.: In the past few years, growers have been hesitant to produce regular impatiens plants, and garden centres have been reluctant to order them in, because of a very destructive downy mildew of impatiens that rapidly devastates plantings …
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Starting a new year off with new seed catalogues
The seed catalogues now filling the mailbox and piling up on the desk catch us at a time of optimism. At the start of the year we tend to forgive the last one's disappointments, and we're ready for another go at the garden's blank slate. All those …
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Nellie McClung: A welcome homecoming as the Island's seasons change
The newest flower in the garden is the yellow jasmine, which should not bloom until January, but here it is, fluffy and full, with its little bell-like flowers, in defiance of every seed catalogue and calendar, exulting in its self-determination. It is …
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