Fall Organic Garden Tour – How I grow Fruits and Vegetables in the Front and Back Yard

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ takes you on a fall garden tour. In this episode, you will learn how John is growing a large percentage of his fruits and vegetables in his suburban…

This this segment I will take you on an exploration of our Fall Vegetable Garden in Dallas, Texas. Zone 8a. Looking at each variety of plant and seeing them at a much larger size. This link…

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  • Prasad Indika Hewage says:

    I’m sure god is admiring you 

  • Nina Reynolds - Rose says:

    ..grow our own food!!! 

  • Aire Lao says:

    Can I have some the milk thistle seeds?

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner says:

    Did you say the pumpkin was called Kakya? Would you mind writing names of
    things you are talking about?

  • Kimberley Wilson says:

    Whole Foods has the exact same shareholders as Monsanto.

  • Naval Rathod says:

    Wowzee Zed9 hours ago

    This half gook loud mouth piece of shit is so fucking annoying. Always
    advertising shitty products. Hey you half gook.

  • Tara Marinara says:

    I’ve learned so incredibly much useful info from you. Its refreshing when
    the words coming out of someone’s mouth aren’t malicious or gossip & are
    educational instead. You’re such a role model for my family. Planting is
    one activity the 3 of us love doing together. More families should try it.

  • equallywrong says:

    punk-kins vs pump-kins? lol. you decide.

  • carriew92 says:

    Thank you for all of this information! Your channel has really transformed
    my way of life for the better. 

  • kelly bui says:

    I love your videos!!

  • Micky Marshall says:

    Organic foodz make U happy like this guy;) Peace Micky

  • Michael H says:

    2:40 magic beans!! LOL
    10:20 love your reaction…just golden! I hope your garden thrives and good
    luck with your next video installment.

  • Ronnie Roussell says:

    You are a blessing. You lift peoples spirits. Keep it up.

  • Ronnie Roussell says:

    You are a blessing. You lift peoples spirits. Keep it up.

  • Sajid Rafique says:

    your videos are too long …

  • Xavier Thaikkadan says:

    Very Nice video..Thank you for posting. Watch my videos,share and
    subscribe too… Thank you

  • Ishtiaq Ahmed says:


  • Suzie Duran says:

    Just wondering if you have a facebook page.

  • blizzaroxxx says:

    Everything looks so dry. ur a faget

  • 1mtstewart says:

    Great job

  • IYAD abedrabbo says:


  • tappakeggaday1 says:

    Hi John, I have a question for you.. What are the best peppers to grow and
    dry out for making homemade taco seasoning?

  • Garden Sheds Devon says:

    Hi John! I can’t believe your raised bed seeds grow as huge as that.
    Growing such varieties of fruits and vegetables are quite rewarding for a
    gardener in the end. It’s a wise idea planting different kinds of crops in
    your front or backyard.

  • henryzimmer says:

    Good evening from Sweden! =D Wondering about the plant “with yellow
    flowers” at 03.37. What is the “Latin” name for it? Thanks and keep up the
    good work! Cheers

  • mmmbbqq says:

    Great job on sharing all the variety names.

  • whittle4u says:

    Are insects less problem in fall? thanks

  • Adrian Reyes says:

    Your garden looks so bountiful with vegetables!

  • Ira Handwerker says:

    great video and amazing garden your so lucky to be in the climate you live

  • Brandon & Meredith says:

    Thanks for watching!

  • Brandon & Meredith says:

    I set out transplant at the end of August. Check out the first
    video…Growing a Fall Heirloom Vegetable Garden 2012 #1 watch?v=zuYbH7SW70g

  • MrsCconversation Piece says:

    Ps I’m starting in containers

  • kittyhawk1027 says:

    the swiss chard is a lot like lettuce, the more you harvest the more chard
    you get…

  • Brandon & Meredith says:

    Yes you can plant many things right now in the Fall. A local nursery will
    have plants in stock that you can grow now! Lettuce, Swiss chard, Kale,
    cabbage, broccoli, garlic are just a few Go for it!

  • Brandon & Meredith says:

    That’s what we have been doing; cutting what we need. YUM! Thanks!

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

    your garden looks great! I subscribed! I can’t believe I missed your videos
    before. they are nice 🙂 keep us posted!

  • bktarch says:

    You are doing a great job with your mini farm there, Brandon! I love it how
    you are so organized with the whole planting area. And the veggies seem to
    be very happy and dance in under the sunlight. I enjoyed watching the vid
    alot. Thanks for sharing.

  • MrsCconversation Piece says:

    Hi Brandon I live in north Dallas and I am very interested in gardening. Is
    there anything veggies that I can still start with our current weather? I’m
    going to the nursery on Sunday.

  • hypocentric says:

    Did you plant from seed or use transplants? What date did you plant for
    your fall garden? Your garden looks great!!!

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