garden vegetable soup with pesto low-fat and vegetarian recipe

garden vegetable soup with pesto low-fat and vegetarian recipe

garden vegetable soup with pesto low-fat and vegetarian recipe Start Growing your own fresh, clean and organic food easily with our guides. Youll get everyth…

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  • Little Bites Of Joy says:

    Jennifer, you are so wonderful and inspiring. When I first went raw, I got
    your books first and it helped me transition so well…you are truly the

  • BJ House says:

    Where do you get the miso? I have looked for it with no luck.

  • Shane Tyas says:

    i just bought a tefal soup and co. so because the receipe book that came
    with product isnt that extensive, this lesson really helped me to get
    confident about experimenting and trying new soups. cheers

  • Canal Yards says:

    This was absolutely delicious! Thanks for the recipe! I threw in some
    chillies and the curry powder for an added kick. 

  • kaui lani says:

    You say soup, I say smoothie.

  • LNTalk says:

    If only most of us added meals like this to our diet. Can’t wait to try

  • Jose Sanchez says:

    Jennifer all the recipes of your DVDs and course are that fast to do?.
    I’m looking for raw recipes because I don’t want to lose time cooking.
    Thanks for your work.

  • yaya Spears says:

    That looks yummy. First of your recipes on my list is your Garden Soup and
    your Not Tuna Recipe. Thanks so much!

  • coral laroc says:

    That knife trick with the avocado stone NEVER works for me lol

  • Melissa Corinne says:

    creative, but i like my soups hot. i don’t like to use microwaves, would it
    be pointless to blend everything and then put it in a pot? 

  • Bonjoiedevivre says:
  • joie de vivre says:
  • peachmelba1000 says:

    I mean gorgeous 😉

  • RadioSnivins says:

    She’s not very tall.

  • noorieboorie says:

    this looks good, but when you cut your veggies, you take way too much off
    the top. that is needless waste.

  • Soniya Mystical says:

    @eldrama2 Congrats on your back pain being gone. I am in the same boat as
    you. I am in the same boat as you..It has been about 2 weeks as well..I did
    include some cooked vegan because I had a hard time going 100 % raw..I eat
    nuts and seeds, sprouts, seaweeds, raw nut butters, raw honey, fruits,
    veggies..I have tried the soup..didn’t go down okay, next time I think I
    will some spices I like to make it taste better..Good luck

  • Jery Hiwatari says:

    made of soysauce you mean? 🙂 She said to just use salt. Miso is optional.

  • 1easyflow says:

    Great sharing! May I ask where you purchased those wonderful glass jars?
    Much appreciation. 🙂

  • questianna says:

    Ha! I made this for breakfast (I prefer savory dishes in the morning and
    sweeter dishes in the evening, however bad that may be.). I varied it
    slightly here and there and used what I had on hand, but with the addition
    of lime, salt and avocado I could eat this every day. It was a cool, summer
    soup. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing these prized recipes and ideas!

  • swisher7000 says:

    Looks delicious!

  • Carolann Flaherty says:

    Let’s all write to Food Channel with requests for a Raw Food Preparer.
    Address is: Food Network 75 9th Ave New York, NY 10011

  • 7411Queen says:

    Love it, i am try this soup, is very yummmmmmmmmm, thanks.

  • sfreedom2007 says:

    whatkind of blender is that?

  • LatinaNativa Name:Mea Sanso says:

    U are soo creative

  • Heidi Ort says:

    what blender are you using in this video?

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