Warm season vegetables to grow during summer

Warm season vegetables to grow during summer
Soil temperatures should have warmed adequately for seeds to germinate and transplants to grow well. Garden soil temperatures need to be between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but warm season crops do best if soil temperatures are above 70 F. You can …
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Growing perennial vegetables and fruits
Vegetable gardening isn't just a summer thing. There are many plants that can be grown as perennials, providing food year after year. Contra Costa Master Gardeners Janet Miller and Helen Erickson, speakers at this week's Our Garden class, gave tips on …
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Expert tips on growing your own food in a small, urban space
Each respectively encourages the upward growth, downward growth and the flowering or fruit development of the plant. “When you're growing vegetables and herbs, they have such a short growing season, so you really want to promote upward growth and …
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