Borage is useful kitchen herb and adds beauty to gardens

Borage is useful kitchen herb and adds beauty to gardens
Borago officinalis, commonly called borage or starflower, for its star-shaped flower petals, has been a star in kitchens, gardens and flower borders for thousands of years. A member of the Boraginaceae family, this annual herb is believed to have …
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How to Harvest and Dry Herbs
But this is exactly why you grow fresh herbs outside your kitchen door. The quality … It's best to do this in early fall; as the days get shorter, most herbs enter the flowering stage more quickly in an effort to set seed before the end of growing …
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Using herbs in cooking and healing
Long before we started adding herbs to our soups and spaghetti sauce, our distant ancestors were using plants to treatment ailments of the body and the heart. Horticulturist and herb specialist Patrice Hanlon told the crowd at Our Garden's free weekly …
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Joliet community center inspired by visit to first lady Michelle Obama's garden
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fifteen-year-old Reiona Jones said the children of Joliet's Warren-Sharpe Community Center were considered VIPs Monday in Washington, D.C., where they toured first lady Michelle Obama's Kitchen Garden at the White House.
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