Growing Herbs for Beginners -Module 1 History of Herbs

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  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    If you sign up at the blog I’ll send you the lesson PDF’s every few days 🙂

  • OriginalRipndip says:

    So am I. Isn’t she amazing, she’s helping us do something positive and she
    teaches well.

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    @dove9802 Awww, thanks dove9802! How nice to hear they are helpful. You can
    always sign up for the handouts and come ask questions on our FB page 🙂

  • tksbaskets says:

    I love your video! It is fun, informative, and move at just the right pace.
    I’m just starting to plan my herb (pronounced just like you) in our 4
    season sun room. I signed up from your web site and liked you on facebook.
    Time to do my pdf homework! Thank you so much for this series. I have no
    idea what I’m doing and finding your series is making me feel better

  • dove9802 says:

    This is such a great video! Your vids are giving me the courage to start my
    container garden

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    @tksbaskets My pleasure, it’s so nice to hear the course is helping you! Be
    sure you say “Hi” on FB so I can wave at you 🙂

  • lilbette1 says:

    where do I download the PDF?

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    Parsley will yellow sometimes- usually the older leaves first. Sometimes it
    just needs a bit more or less water. Watering every day might be too much
    unless it’s a potted plant and very hot where you are. Good luck!

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    My pleasure and thanks for your kind words

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    Libette- if you go to the blog (above)and sign up for the classes you’ll
    get emails with links to these video modules and a handout for each one 🙂

  • Thomas Sydney Gissler says:

    Im an aspiring gardener. Just starting out. My fiance and I are making the
    leap from store bought veggies and herbs to home grown! Our home is placed
    on a partly shaded lot. So growing herbs indoors is going to be a bit of a
    chore I imagine. As long as there is sunlight hitting the soil, are the
    seeds bound to grow? Should I soak them overnight before planting? What
    types of soils are best to use? Thank you for this video! I helped so much!
    I subscribed!:)

  • Hufflepunk says:

    owo thanks for this! I didn’t know my Bush basil was a biannual…. kind of
    makes me sad too cause the flowers it sprouted this year is so pretty!
    Though I’m glad my mints will be staying with me. Hopefully my thyme,
    lavender, chives, and parsley will be okay? ;w; My Italian Parsley is
    looking on the yellow side at the moment…. Any tips as to why it’s
    Yellow? Is it getting too much water not enough? We water it every day

  • Jeff Heriot says:

    Hi Rhonda, thanks for this video, i have no problem with how you pronounce
    herbs. I just find your information so helpful. We’ve only JUST discovered
    rosemary for our baked potatoes. Smells great while cooking.anyway take
    care, regards Jeff

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    Hi Thomas-so many questions at once,lol! If you signed up you’ll get the
    handouts, and with the videos you’ll learn about starting different types
    of seeds, lighting needs etc. If you are on FB we’re at Growing Herbs For
    Beginners and can help answer questions.

  • Viadrienne says:

    Thank you so much for these lessons! Do you know how I can order grosso
    lavender plants? I can’t seem to find then in my area, and I’m dying to
    have them in my garden! Thanks again

  • hookedabout nature says:

    thanks for the video. i am new at gardenning. great advice.

  • hidimb says:

    really nice video for beginners. But where can i find the pdf files?

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    You can sign up over at the blog for the handouts!

  • HerbsForBeginners says:

    Hi- Lots of nurseries online carry it- even some Amazon sellers have plants
    available! I’m not sure where you are located but here are a few nurseries
    around the country that usually carry it… although some may be sold out:
    Greenwood Nursery (TN), MountainValley Growers(CA) White Flower Farm (CT),
    and Richter’s Herbs in Canada all carry it. You may find it closer to home
    with a Google search. Good luck!

  • 1prepper says:

    What a wonderful course. Your handouts are first-rate, too! Thank you.

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