Growing Your Own Seed Indoors – Seed Starting Equipment

Growing Your Own Seed Indoors  - Seed Starting Equipment ((IMPORTANT))You can also Join me over on Facebook all you have to do is …
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10 Times Faster Than Soil What good is space-age technology if you don’t get warp-speed growth? The AeroGarden is the fastest growing method we’ve ever…

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  • guitarbridges1 says:

    This may be a dumb question, but why not start the seeds in the greenhouse
    and utilize all of the natural light? You said that your greenhouse could
    be heated I think. Is it just that much more expensive to heat the
    greenhouse vs the whole grow light set-up? We have a 10×12 greenhouse we
    built and want to use it for more than a clear shed, but it seems that
    everything needs to be started indoors.

  • drummer261 says:

    how much did you pay for your seed heat mat i am going for one that can
    hold up to like 15 or 20 flats at a time

  • Walt Kirspel says:

    Nice Video. Thanks!

  • Fred Cash says:

    Looking good!! …Thanks

  • Louise Cormier says:

    What type of soil or mixture of soil do you use for your Seeds & Seedlings
    and also if you use any fertilizer once your seedlings are up ? I thank
    you in advance

  • T Voegele says:

    very helpful! Thank you

  • Joseph B. says:

    can I also buy a UV light to start seeds? and what grows well in climates
    with southern us summers

  • ghayath2011 says:

    Thank you. This was my 1st video to watch on your channel. Looking forward
    to see the rest of your videos

  • Curtis Boney says:

    thank you!

  • Teddybear500 says:


  • xXxSTENCHxXx says:

    hmmm do I need all that stuff if I just wanna grow some tomatoes and
    carrots? I live in LA county btw

  • TheOntarioGardener says:

    Another great and informative video.

  • LARK'S GARDENS says:

    Hi Diane. This is a GREAT video. What is the brass rod that is next to the
    thermostat and how is it used? What is a good price (retail) for a heating

  • Yewtoobnube says:

    Awesome video! Thanx for sharing your experience…..4 lighting stations?!
    WOW! Gotta subscribe to follow your success.

  • chop98 says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve purchased the LED system yet, but three months later
    I’ll tell you that unless you’re putting money into a very high wattage LED
    system, then don’t waste your money. I tried the LED system and had little
    to no results. Now it wasn’t the high watt job, but I was just
    experimenting. While the LED is a good money saver… it doesn’t do the job
    for sprouting and such. Florescent is by far superior due to the light
    penetration. Just my two cents. Hope it helped.

  • keepruvthknight says:

    Very nice setup! Thanks for all the great information!

  • OmarReyes1 says:

    I would be careful with all those lights. You might be in a rude awakening
    by the DEA thinking that you are growing marijuana plants.

  • Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    @xXxSTENCHxXx , no you don’t I just do lots from seed and this helps me
    improve my daily performance .. If you get into it a little more then you
    may want to add a few things ..

  • Connor Keegan says:

    Hi, i’m just getting started with indoor starting from seed. It will be
    fairly small. Do you recommend a certain brand for seed mats? Any help
    would be great…. Thanks

  • Rita Marie says:

    thanks so much for the info.. love your videos.. I just started growing
    wheat grass to juice. So much fun. Your videos inspire me to grow more
    veggies and herbs. Thanks for sharing…

  • Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    @Yewtoobnube , thank you for watching..:) I hope to share much of my seed
    starting , etc..

  • PainChaud says:

    seems like you know what you’re doing 😉

  • Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    Any questions for starting from seed, feel free to post your comment.:)

  • USHwy17 says:

    Very interesting. A lot of hard work there!

  • Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    @jihadacadien , Trial and error my friend , It is a lot of fun..Thanks for

  • indoor plants low light says:
  • whirlydervish18 says:

    Such a creepy voiceover – I had to close the video!

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