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Poisonous landscape plants your dogs must avoid
For instance, fruits such as peaches, cherries and apples that have fallen on the ground can be a tempting treat for dogs, but the seeds inside the fruit can potentially endanger its health if ingested in large quantities. If your pet ingested any …
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Fluffy and Fido in the Garden
Anyone with pets knows what integral parts of the family they become, yet Fluffy and Fido's antics in the landscape — the digging, peeing and damaged plants — can try any gardener's good nature. Here's how to create a backyard refuge that all the …
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Pet-Proofing Your House: Dangers You May Have Overlooked
Lilies are especially dangerous to cats, while cocoa mulch, which may attract dogs, can be deadly to them. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center offers an extensive list of toxic and nontoxic plants. It's also important to be aware of other less …

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