Mosquito problems and preventative steps

Mosquito problems and preventative steps
Get rid of the water holding sections of self-watering boxes and water your plants the old-fashioned way. And remove those saucers under … Really — late-season spraying is generally more toxic to you than to any mosquitoes, and this simple chore of …
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Landscapes friendly to family critters
Safe, friendly gardening with a pet in your household can be a difficult pastime if your yard isn't set up to handle the wear and tear from a four-footed animal who doesn't know the difference between your prized petunias and the potty. … A low fence …
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Living art for the living room
That can affect what's appropriate for different people. “How much are you home? Do you need something that's low maintenance?” asks Gina Gartley, a garden coach at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses near Coburg. Apartment dwellers with pets will want to …
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