Mosquito problems and preventative steps

Mosquito problems and preventative steps
Get rid of the water holding sections of self-watering boxes and water your plants the old-fashioned way. And remove those saucers under … Really — late-season spraying is generally more toxic to you than to any mosquitoes, and this simple chore of …
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Backyard plants can pose dangers to humans, animals
Dogs aren't affected by the compound that causes humans so much grief, but they can unwittingly pass on the irritant from their fur to people. … Not-so-beautiful blooms. For DiTommaso, the elegance of some of the plants with their lush flowers and …
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Makers of fake grass find green in drought
Christopher Knight, the actor who played Peter Brady on "The Brady Bunch" television series, sits on the new artificial turf lawn he had installed at his Hermosa Beach, Calif., home because of the state's drought. "It feels totally …. While the …
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Deterring our four-legged friends
Dogs. Male dogs (and some females) are notorious for marking anything in the front yard. They use their urine to let other dogs know that they were there. To stop the cycle, use citrus! Most dogs don't like the smell of orange, grapefruit or lemon …

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