♡ DIY Gold Leaf Plant Pots (Valentine’s Day)

Why, hello there! While these are the perfect way to spruce up any room, these also make wonderful gifts *hint hint* Find out how to make these super cute terra cotta pots using gold leaf!…
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Propagating succulents pt. 2|Eric Pedley|Central Texas Gardener

Eric Pedley from East Austin Succulents shows how to multiply succulent plants with leaf divisions and beheading.

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  • Serafina ♡ says:

    cuteness overload! my favourite is the last one.

  • Annaland says:

    So cute!
    Where do you get your cool moving text-slide-effect-things? I love the way
    it looks :)

  • collaredblouse says:

    wahh so cute! i love your diys, maddie! simple and adorable!

  • Christina Huang says:

    Your editing was so splendid I almost wanted to lick the screen. How long
    does it normally take you to edit?

  • Hannah Eleanor says:

    Love the gold leafing! I’ve always wanted/intended to try it out but just
    never have! You make it look super easy so I’ll definitely be incorporating
    it into my next project! :)

  • TheFashionNMakeup says:

    so cute madelynn!

  • lemontierres says:

    Awesome pots! So creative and I love the style of your videos. ^_^

  • luzasims says:

    You’re so creative!

  • Laura Neuzeth says:

    The 3rd pot was adorable! ❤︎

  • Pizza Chu says:

    you have such a good taste in fashion, diy, editing videos and music o_o xx

  • Gabriella A says:

    I love all of your DIYs <3_<3

  • Sophie Ollis says:

    I have a quick question about the editing… how did you make the titles
    (with the blurred background)?
    Great video, it really made me want to DIY some more for spring!


  • emkanchbeauty says:

    These are soo cute! definitely going to try this out :D

  • Tiffany Tsan says:

    you have the cutest videos with EXCELLENT music choice in addition to
    editing. keep making more videos! xoxo!

  • KittenKhaleesi says:

    Very cute! I really like how the desert one turned out!

  • Patricia Keele says:

    This is just my difficulty level. 

  • yvinosiopp says:

    Cutest person I know 

  • Estelle Teo says:

    Been meaning to find something to get for my best friend’s birthday and
    this diy would totally be perfect for her! Thanks for the video xx

  • 27sved says:

    So creative and beautiful 

  • Isabel Nielsen says:

    Hey love, what do you use to edit your videoes with? :)

  • Rachel Householder says:

    Your channel inspires me so much! Your editing is perfect!

  • SnowHime says:

    This video is so perfect~ And that is very brilliant idea, I’d be sure to
    use it!

  • Autumn Marie says:

    This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen wow wow WOW 

  • Sofia Silva says:

    This is so cute, I need to paint some boxes in my room and will be using
    some of the gold leafs as well. Do you guys know where I can find those
    leafs but in rose gold?

  • Caroline Liew says:

    oh u !! u smart lady !!!

  • i95em says:

    First time I’ve ever commented on anything. Eric is clear, concise and to
    the point. The set is processional and he’s not difficult to hear what he’s
    saying. Thank you

  • Ruth Dody says:

    Thanks so much Eric! My husband just gave me a beautiful succulent,
    Echeveria, gibi, floria, for Valentine’s Day from your shop. The pot is so
    pretty and really displays the plant beautifully.

  • kitsurubami says:

    is there any way to subscribe to Central texas gardener but not KLRU as a
    whole? I mean i love KLRU but they publish soooooo many videos every day.
    CTG are the only videos i have time to view.

  • Catie Metcalf says:

    “..beheading. It might sound extreme, but..” lol

  • Ingrid Veilleux says:

    Great video. Am planning to start growing succulents so I will try them
    from cuttings or beheadings first. Clarification: do I need to let a single
    leaf dry out too or just the beheaded tops? 

  • Mohannad M. says:

    good advices

  • chip mchugh says:


  • William Torres Pinkney says:

    Love the video!, One unralated question, what’s the name of the song played
    at the beginning of the video? I know the second one is Alone In Kyoto, but
    I don’t remember the first one, anyway thanks for the tips!

  • Andrew says:

    now this guy nows what hes talking about thanks and nice vid

  • Jeremiah Quahog says:

    those ‘orgy’ kalanchoes (copper spoons) @ 0:34 are the best.

  • db1usa says:

    hi eric, i have a blue chalk succulent that is vining out – all crazy like
    and spreading horizontally instead of vertically. Also near the ends of the
    stems there seems to be roots as well. i think it needs pruning back but i
    am afraid of not doing it properly. i don’t know if i should snip the vine
    off at 1 inch above the ground or maybe 10 inches from the ground along the
    thick vine also, i think that what ever i snip off would make for new
    plants as well. can you show me what to do?

  • ThothMer says:

    I’d enjoy this more if you were cutting plants in half that really need it.
    But good info anyway.

  • TheBadMoJoe says:


  • Buttercup says:

    life is short, surround yourself with beautiful plants!

  • Jeremiah Quahog says:

    and great snackbaring on that echeveria @ 2:03

  • Stinkycatz says:

    When he beheaded the Itchiveras???????? one, I almost cried ! ( almost)

  • Anel Bojorge says:

    Awesome video!!

  • abimael centeno says:

    send me some succulents plz

  • Tyron Hennig says:

    Thank you! Great Video!

  • Eric Pedley says:

    I meant to say “stick it in soil”- not water. Sorry.

  • xpurityx says:

    Recognized it immediately! Intro song is Air – Alone in Kyoto. Nice choice

  • sunkissbrown says:

    I would love some babies to grow them. Beautiful plants

  • catacata catsts says:

    braids – lemonade! another great song choice 😀

  • Debra Pedley says:

    You’re so knowledgeable Eric! Great job 🙂

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    Plants never cease to amaze

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