Chuck Martin: Success with succulents

Chuck Martin: Success with succulents
Not all succulents are cactus but most cacti are succulents. Succulents occur in about 60 plant families. Adaptation to drought through swollen tissue has occurred in plants that are not cacti. One way to distinguish cacti from other succulents is most …
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Succulents: Look for these signs to know when to water
Even if you love that great succulent look, or if drought has led you to these plants, you may already have had trouble growing them. The cause of death is overwatering, after which rot sets in, and the plants literally melt down into a gushy rotten …
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10 Must-see designs from Sight Unseen Offsite 2015
Last year Chiaozza launched a papier mâché plant shop at Sight Unseen Offsite – and this year they unveiled an entire world of recycled paper critters. Creative duo Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao recycle their junk mail and old bank statements to create …
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