How to grow Cacti from seed

This is how I grow my Cacti from seed! Check out my Glass Gem corn video too! Post any questions about this video if you wish. cheers!

Hey all, just a questions answered response to my growing cacti from seed video. I tried to keep it short but.. got a little rant at the end. Anywho thank you so much for all the wonderful…
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  • GeoSlash99 says:

    How long must the bag stay sealed for?

  • Beverly Shivers says:

    very nicely made and easy to understand



  • CrossTomb says:

    wow these were tiny peyotes there?? -.-

  • featheredfan says:

    This is a great demo video! Your plants look very nice. Can you please
    tell us the names of the sprouts? Can you tell us where in the world do
    you grow the cactus? Thanks

  • Anne Tombrun says:

    Good job!

  • gabby girl says:

    i got mixed cactus seeds today and im so excited to sow them tomorrow! the
    baby cactus’ are so cute!!! i have all those species but adult ones! 

  • Ong Ngiam Tii How says:

    Once the seeds are sealed in clear bag, do you still need to open it up for
    misting or just leave it there for few months til the seeds germinate?

  • MrCodyBlair says:

    Love the pipe organ music! adds a bit of class to the video! How long did
    you microwave smell like soil? Great video loved how you showed the

  • lorenzo c says:

    Haha thanks so much! 🙂 I microwaved the soil for 4-6 minutes (depending
    how I feel lol) and then the smell lingers for a few minutes and I
    absolutely LOVE the Earthy hot soil smell it gives off hehe yay thanks again

  • Zero Moretz Shortman says:

    How can i buy seeds from you?

  • amanda lynch says:

    Can you use something besides going out ans buying a reptile tank and do
    you think they would germinate in a mason jar?

  • Tatyana2006 says:

    Do you have any experience growing succulents from seeds? If yes, how does
    it defer from growing cacti? 

  • Kara Luk says:

    thanks man without you my little seedlings would be nonexistent =) 

  • heartfullofhappiness says:

    This is such a FANTASTIC video on growing cacti from seed Dustin, such
    great advice 🙂 I have never grown cacti from seed but I can imagine how
    amazing and rewarding it would be 🙂 I know what you mean about google
    plus I hate it since they took over You Tube, they have messed up a lot of
    comments and the replies etc and they are forever moving the inbox 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this great and much needed vid 🙂 XXXX

  • etee08 says:

    thank you for your Videos …
    verry interesting!

  • psyhoplastic says:

    Why use soil if you can use unkind to fungus completely inorganic substrate
    like crushed red brick or bims? sooner or later spores will come and in
    inorganic substrate they will not grow into mold. 

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