How to Grow Cactus From Cuttings

How to Grow Cactus From Cuttings

Learn how to grow cactus from cuttings outdoors. This video uses a thornless pad type of cactus in the example shown.
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Thanks to doing ‘Gardening/Plant video documentary’, I am becoming more aware of the plants in my surrounding! For example, I never knew what kind of a cactus my neighbor has and when I found…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • cocinademaria says:

    Did you say only sand ? So then you grew yours on ONLy on sand?

  • 523panda says:

    Have you done a update on this cactus planting? I am interested to see how
    it’s doing.

  • hyperfocus2011 says:

    Any cactus???

  • Mark Gaarz says:

    Simple and straight forward, Thanks. I would be interested to know how you
    did your edging. Contractors want to many of my dollars for extruded
    concrete edging….looks like you did your own as I don’t see any cut
    expansion joints. I have designs on doing such a DIY edging but can’t find
    the DIY tools on the net.

  • Tom Gertenhäuer says:

    and yeah im a beginner, most if not all the cactus’s i have are columars, a
    single stock cactus, and i was wondering if i could take multiple 4 inch
    sections of the mother cactus, and let them scab and put gel on them would
    they grow?

  • mariare0 says:

    Oh I got a lot yesterday from a neighbor and I immediately took them home
    and set them in some water. They sat in some water overnight, is that bad?

  • maria CALDERON says:

    I live in Portland,OR and tried this but I watered mine at the end. My dad
    said I did it wrong will it die?

  • Brittany Coppola says:

    What kind of soil? I live in Las Vegas

  • EatYourBackyard says:

    Thanks, that is a really nice comment, I appreciate it. More videos to come

  • Tom Gertenhäuer says:

    hey i got a question i have a few cactus’s coming and i was wondering if
    after its scabbed up if its best to put rooting gel over the scab and then
    place in your cactus soil, or just put in the soil with the scab as is

  • Alejandro Reyes says:

    thats the kind of cactus that gives prickly pear right?

  • maria CALDERON says:

    It’s going to rot isn’t it. Should I start over?

  • maria carrasquillo says:

    how cold could this plant survive?

  • Steve McIntosh says:

    Did your neighbor KNOW you were doing that?

  • Alfredo Larios says:

    Growing Prickly Pear Cactus: Rooting Cactus Pads …: my dad and i enjoy this activity together and
    it is yummy raw or cooked,nopalitos con chorizo y huevo con papas tambien

  • sylvia harris says:

    Thank you, I have planted just as you did. Hope it works. Thanks for the
    watering advice, I wasn’t sure how often.

  • USSBB62 says:

    Wow, I use your vedio to explain to my students what ” Talking Up ” is.
    Thanks, your the perfect example…

  • Eric Zaksauskas says:

    Please help me. I know in a store that sell prickly pear cactus pads, but
    they are already picked and put in a styrofoam thing and cooled. Will they

  • cocinademaria says:

    Don’t they have thin thorns?

  • Pompano Beach Babe says:

    Nice job. I have broken off about 3 or 4 of the pads and put in dirt to
    root them and seem to be doing well. Some of the pads of certain plants
    have some thorns on them but ones I have gotten do not have the tough
    thorns. I did get 2 fruits last year from a bigger cactus a neighbor gave
    us which he took from another plant. Will take these little ones a long
    time. I did take onethat had a smaller pad on it. These fruit are
    supposed to be really good for us. They were tasty. I hope to get more
    going. I live in Florida. These are originally from the Mojave and also I
    think the Sonora desert. The ones I got did snap off, and I may have
    twisted around a bit.

  • Gedreht W says:

    it dos not snap off i wen’t to get a leaf last night

  • Maria Rodrigues says:

    Can I buy 2 pieces from your friend, I’m in ontario

  • Dolores Storer-Flanagan says:

    My prickley pear cactus has tons of fine hair like barbs. I need thick
    gloves to handle!

  • Diosdado Fernandez says:

    its actualy simpler. just throw it on dirt and it wil grow if you water it.
    thats how my grandma did it in Mexico

  • momo17083 says:

    +MyInspiredCreation thank you. you have inspired me by your amazing videos.
    one year ago my house had no single plant and within a year I made big
    garden with (berry tree, strawberry, cactus, sun flower, tomato, kiwano,
    dragon fruit and other fruiting plants. thank you jeen:)

  • momo17083 says:

    help help…
    how can I tell the age of cactus ( opuntia species).
    ill be happy to know the answer ^_^

  • scott barnett says:

    I don’t know what type of cactus I have :(

  • Arcady says:

    Great video! This is exactly what I wanted to see. I am doing this tomorrow
    :3 I want a “pet” cactus haha.

  • ki li says:

    did u just stole those from your neighbors?

  • MyInspiredCreation says:

    @josephdupont I doubt the fruit will root. I don’t think it’ll work.

  • MyInspiredCreation says:

    @irishfan84n Lol! 😛

  • Michael Forare says:

    Thank you for the over watering tip. You have helped me from finding out
    the hard way. I am in Texas, so I think this is going to go well.

  • irishfan84n says:

    I should try growing one of those in Indiana! J/k

  • MyInspiredCreation says:

    @4GreenEarth2 I am on the same boat as you. I’m not a big fan of those
    seed, either. I might try making a juice out of them or a smoothie perhaps.
    I just have to use a strainer to remove the seeds. They don’t seem to be
    selling them anymore. Small window of opportunity to get my hands on them
    from the store. Happy that my neighbor has one growing! 🙂

  • MyInspiredCreation says:

    @MarshmallowVogt I used a mixture of topsoil and organic compost in all my

  • francisco lozano says:

    there are nopales and tunas, not cactus,,, 😀 ..

  • MyInspiredCreation says:

    @billisherenc From what I read I think there’s at least a dozen species of
    Prickly Pears. Thanks for the info about taking care of them in a
    cold/snowy climate! I’m sure some people are wondering if they can grow
    them in winter, but if you can, it can happen! =)

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