How to Grow Cactus From Cuttings

Learn how to grow cactus from cuttings outdoors. This video uses a thornless pad type of cactus in the example shown.
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Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. Plants grow on trees or rocks in habitats which are generally shady with high…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • cocinademaria says:

    Did you say only sand ? So then you grew yours on ONLy on sand?

  • 523panda says:

    Have you done a update on this cactus planting? I am interested to see how
    it’s doing.

  • hyperfocus2011 says:

    Any cactus???

  • Mark Gaarz says:

    Simple and straight forward, Thanks. I would be interested to know how you
    did your edging. Contractors want to many of my dollars for extruded
    concrete edging….looks like you did your own as I don’t see any cut
    expansion joints. I have designs on doing such a DIY edging but can’t find
    the DIY tools on the net.

  • Tom Gertenhäuer says:

    and yeah im a beginner, most if not all the cactus’s i have are columars, a
    single stock cactus, and i was wondering if i could take multiple 4 inch
    sections of the mother cactus, and let them scab and put gel on them would
    they grow?

  • mariare0 says:

    Oh I got a lot yesterday from a neighbor and I immediately took them home
    and set them in some water. They sat in some water overnight, is that bad?

  • maria CALDERON says:

    I live in Portland,OR and tried this but I watered mine at the end. My dad
    said I did it wrong will it die?

  • Brittany Coppola says:

    What kind of soil? I live in Las Vegas

  • EatYourBackyard says:

    Thanks, that is a really nice comment, I appreciate it. More videos to come

  • Tom Gertenhäuer says:

    hey i got a question i have a few cactus’s coming and i was wondering if
    after its scabbed up if its best to put rooting gel over the scab and then
    place in your cactus soil, or just put in the soil with the scab as is

  • Alejandro Reyes says:

    thats the kind of cactus that gives prickly pear right?

  • maria CALDERON says:

    It’s going to rot isn’t it. Should I start over?

  • teemee234 says:

    I know it’s been a couple years since this video was posted. but can you
    share how long it took from the cutting/planting stage to the size it was
    in this video? I’ve been gifted several cuttings, but they are (after 4
    months) still not showing signs of growth. Thanks! 

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