Join the Master Gardener team and help planters prosper

Join the Master Gardener team and help planters prosper
Now that spring is here, people have been asking about the fruits that appear on prickly pear cactus after flowering. Can you eat that fruit? Can you plant the seeds? Yes, the fruits of true cactus are edible, although some are definitely tastier. Not …
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Historical crops in Arizona may be future of agriculture
For hundreds of years, their diet consisted of wild foods straight from the Sonoran Desert such as mesquite bean pods, cholla buds and prickly pear fruit. The Tohono O'odham were also adept farmers, growing enough desert-hardy crops, like tepary beans …

11 best dragons that aren't actually dragons
Dragons: they're cool, right? In all of the fantasy bestiaries, they usually sit at the top of the food chain. These scaly badasses are wise, powerful, and mysterious. It's no wonder that the name “dragon” is synonymous with “awesome.” However, we're …
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