Marion garden tour promises to stimulate senses

Marion garden tour promises to stimulate senses
With six stops in and out of town, attendees should have no problem finding useful ideas for their own gardens, or just experiencing the pleasure of the plants and flowers. For those … Their cilantro has gone to seed. The pleasant odor is …
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The Potted Desert Garden: The Life of a Volunteer Plant
These plants can come from previous plantings, seeds carried in by the wind, and even bird droppings. One of the nicest surprises is when alyssum plants (above) pop up during late summer rains. We might find volunteer vinca, and some volunteer cactus …
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Ask the garden sage: Beware the scarlet pimpernel
A: You can propagate the toothpick cactus (Stetsonia coryne) by seed or cuttings. For cuttings you simply cut off a section from the top of a stem using a sharp knife and at a 45-degree angle to protect the parent plant from water collecting on the wound.
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