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Dog Pet Health: Nontoxic Plants You Don't Have to Worry About Fido Eating
Chewing on sweet-smelling gardenias, planted outside in warmer climates or indoors where winters are hard, won't harm your dog, MNN said. 9. Grass is generally safe for your pets, and most people who have dogs see them occasionally munching on it.

Gardenias need much care in our climate
To control spider mites, scales, aphids,and other pests, examine the plants on a regular basis. Because gardenias are sensitive to many chemical pesticides and miticides, you should avoid using them. Before bringing plants indoors for the winter, spray …
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Growing plants indoors starts with proper lighting
Native tropicals, shade-loving forest plants and houseplants like ivy or philodendron don't need as much light as Mediterranean succulents or desert cacti. Flowering plants of all kinds, such as orchids and gardenias, generally need brighter light to …
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Sassafras native to Acadiana, but hard to identify
You should be able to enjoy your baby plant indoors for quite some time. Although sago palms are hardy to 15 degrees and are usually seen outdoors in our climate, they … During this time, nutrients aren't needed, and the accumulation of fertilizer …
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