Despite drought, water flowing freely in Imperial Valley

Despite drought, water flowing freely in Imperial Valley
A framed copy of the Imperial Press front page from June 8, 1901, hangs in a prominent spot at the Pioneers Museum here. The newspaper's motto says boldly: "Water Is King, Here Is Its Kingdom." The lead story details the latest of what proved to be …
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Get Your Green on At Work: Earth Day
Not only will you cut down on waste such as Styrofoam take-out packaging and plastic flatware, you'll save a little coin too. Some folks are … Add plants to your workspace. Folks, there is no down side to this suggestion. Plants are an inexpensive …
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The week's odd news: Washington deputies find cabin that family reported stolen
Massive plant that waited 80 years to flower cut down. ANN ARBOR, Mich. – An American … Still, “the agave lives on,” said Palmer, who added new plants will be grown from its seedlings and eventually sold. Plus, university music professor Michael …

Famed highway in Maui is long and winding
As Hana's fame has grown, so has the traffic. … We drove past acres of towering bamboo trees, so tall they blocked the sunlight, and tree branches hanging heavy with fruit. Roadside stalls sold fresh-picked bananas and fresh-cut exotic flowers. At …
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