How to grow a potato indoor, in my man cave

how i plant my indoor potatoes…filmed in my small apartment / mancave 😉 Link to my blog…
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A fun way to learn about growing potatoes in a bucket! Video by Topic Simple ( Music by David Newberry ( Growing Potatoes in a Bucket…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Joan Newell says:

    I thought you needed pollination for these types of plants…how does it
    get pollinated indoors?

  • Robert Thompson says:

    @mizzomiz Yes he does. That’s why he made a video to show how he grows
    potatoes indoors. Watch the video again and listen this time.

  • mizzomiz says:

    strange way to grow potatos. do you want to gain some edible potatos

  • Ngam Kai Sien says:

    Can i know what kind of soil i need to use? 

  • fargone164 says:

    @jihadacadien well darn……

  • pretty mel says:

    hi, i hv started growing my potatoes. 1) how long does it takes before it
    is ready for harvest, how can i tell? 2) also, the leaves, can it be eaten
    and when is the best time to eat those leaves like on 3 mth ? 3) i saw some
    where the potatoes is cut into halve and just halve is planted. will that
    do too?

  • PainChaud says:

    @taraudall Well you can plant the whole potato, it’ll just grow a bigger

  • PainChaud says:

    @electricfemale thanks 😉

  • Red Ranger says:

    I like when you say potato.

  • PainChaud says:

    Ah well thank you. And yes just type painchaud in facebook and you should
    find me 😉

  • RagingOatmeal says:

    @jihadacadien Do you live in france or canada because i am fairly good at
    gr 10 french and i like your accent

  • yanruoj says:

    How much sun does the plant need a day nice plants by the way 🙂

  • PainChaud says:

    @Bilal G it’s perlite…and to be honest it’s pretty usess I think. They
    say it helps the plants but all the trouble and resources it needs to get
    to my home… It’s totally unecessary 😉

  • Tacos Buenos says:

    …but you can’t eat ganja… potatoes fill you up and never let you down

  • PainChaud says:

    @flower040 Yeah it’s not so bad looking 😉

  • anniequilts says:

    Do you use commercial potting soil in your pots?

  • PainChaud says:

    @Jkc31267 no problem. Thanks for watching!

  • PainChaud says:

    @Bilal G it’s perlite… And with all it takes in resources to get to me…
    It’s really not necessary. But I doubt it helps the plant that much. 😉

  • Andy Anderson says:

    Here is something for you to ponder. I tried to grow plants in large pots
    just as you did, but my male cat had other plans for the soil if you catch
    my drift. This is what I did to combat the little whisker licker and have
    my plants grow. I propagated my plants in a similar fashion, however,
    instead of a pot, I planted it in a 40 lb poly dry dog food bag that I
    rolled the top down to expose the leaves of the plant and tied it up around
    the stem. As the plant grew taller added more soil rolled ..

  • PainChaud says:

    Again, oustide they need moist soil and as much sun they can get. Potatoes
    can grow almost anywhere. Indoors let the soil dry a bit so the potatoes
    don’t rot. Hope it helps!

  • Amir Afzali says:

    Thnx For The Help. 😀

  • PainChaud says:

    @RagingOatmeal I’m in Canada

  • PainChaud says:

    @1androo2 ahahahhah! Awsome!

  • PainChaud says:

    No problem we are all newbes at one time ;). And a potato plan can yeild a
    lot of potatoes. Depending on the type and the season. But usually I get
    maybe 10 potatoes by plant. Sometimes there’s more but they might be small.
    Indoors well I get like 5-7 small potatoes 😉

  • garygardens says:

    Potatoes are one of my favorite things to grow (and eat, of course).
    Haven’t tried them indoors yet but you’ve given me an idea, lol. I have two
    varieties ready to plant outside as soon as the temps get up a bit more…
    Regards, Gary

  • Halry1 says:

    Thank you so much for making this easy to understand for people like me
    that wanna grow their own food but feel inundated with all the information
    that most websites give you. One question though: do you just start with a
    normal potato with that growth on top or is it a specific kind? Thanks

  • Bree Craw says:

    It’s just that easy.

  • Highway Walker says:

    I Love this video for it’s simple explanation. I am just starting to make
    myself learn how to grow my own potatoes in a bucket and I will be putting
    the results on my Youtube channel and would love to share your video along
    with my experience.. May I have your permission to use your video and post
    your link on my video when I have it ready to post?

  • CzechRiot says:

    oh fuc… I mean, buck it.

  • mystic wof says:

    I want to start a potato farm 😀
    But my girlfriend got mad at me for digging up the back yard

  • TheLordPresident says:

    Dear God…

  • shelley sliman says:

    Love it; will try that with the eye potatoes from the russets I bought
    today. And I love your song; been hearing it in my head all day….beats
    “wheels on the bus” that usually plays in there.

  • Sherry Schirmer says:
  • Christa Davison says:

    My kids keep making me play this song

  • pavel1809 says:

    the bug will get it 

  • Tree Creation says:

    Good job

  • Mathew Trewin says:

    I have discovered how to grow #potatoes 

  • southcity34 says:

    How funny.i love it. And if you dont love it,buck it!

  • zac rey says:

    Thanks 😀 best video ever!!!!!!!! Thanks Topicsimple :D

  • melchan98 says:

    i do this tomorrow 🙂 thanks

  • moo williams says:

    Thats the funny thing about potatoes, they can nearly grow in anything..
    seen a case where potatoes grew in a dumpster xD

  • Bastian Hofmann says:

    Potatos in a bucket!

  • JeAl8a says:

    potatoes in a bucket (8)

  • MooseTactic says:

    My mom does something similar to this, instead of a bucket she makes this
    box and just adds on boards as she adds dirt.

  • Ugh Nope says:


  • ripped2damx says:


  • jakub28091 says:


  • Maria Mangera-Willeke says:


  • fakku says:

    NOTICE: Do not dump out the potatoes as soon as the leaves turn brown.
    After the upper part of the plant dies off is when the roots, the potatoes,
    grow. Do not water, but wait 2 to 3 weeks before digging them up.

  • Penguin321 says:

    get a giant fly swatter the size of ur continent

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