How to Grow Potatoes in a Container

How to Grow Potatoes in a Container

You can grow potatoes anywhere, even on an apartment balcony. Watch Amy Grisak plant potatoes in a container. Be sure to use only certified seed potatoes and…
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  • tom jackson says:

    Select small potatoes? That is selective breeding. Are you trying for
    small potatoes?

  • swampmammytheone says:

    really dislike your videos you never do follow ups so did you get a crop or

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    I am sure that the big potato producing companies do not grow potatoes by
    dumping two inches of soil on them ever few weeks? I have heard this
    method of planting potatoes and even tried it and I got a few potatoes out
    of it, but there must be something more. Look at the many people who have
    made videos on this on You-Tube and most of them get very disappointing
    results this way … so, as a big company, Osmocote really needs to give me
    some education and information of value and not just have someone tell me
    how to grow potatoes taken almost word for word from other You-Tube videos
    that do not know what they are talking about.

    How about that?

  • 4syw says:

    Please show us how many potatoes you got from these containers

  • Jon Liversage says:

    But….how do i turn it on? PC just has a power button. :/

  • fuzzbutt2871 says:

    How do you know when they are ready to harvest them?

  • TSR Faldz says:

    Interesting console documentary.

  • Angela Travis says:

    I actually tried this (indoors inside a container)…it’s been 2 weeks and
    the “eyes” are growing. I’m excited and look forward to my harvest. 

  • Mari Pettersson says:

    I always thought you need to sprout your seed potatoes to 4-5cm high before
    planting them…

  • michaelmarage415 says:

    Can you start growing them at any time, or do you have to start at a
    certain season? 

  • pipefitters1 says:

    Can you grow any time of the year?

  • Matt Barclay says:

    Thank you for this VERY helpful and informative video!!! 

  • Allen Elle says:

    thanks for the video, i think i want to give it a try..i am so excited

  • Sherry White says:

    I have never eaten a batatoe. But have eaten plenty of Potatoes

  • rass tota says:

    nice video ! how many potatoes do you get out of that container ??

  • purosonoracompa says:

    Great video, Plus you’re cool. 

  • SkinnyFatBoyzz says:

    You’re cute.

  • Philip Lester says:

    It is so nice to see a video where the camera isnt handheld and moving all
    over the place. I wish that more people that have great information to
    offer would use a tripod. 

  • Viper2o1 says:
  • Zylo gamer says:

    If you keep adding soil to the plant as it grows, won’t that result in the
    submerging of leaves? Is that okay?

  • Casara Wilson says:

    thank you lady! :)

  • Matthew Maness says:

    WOW I am truly amazed!! Very good tutorial. You are very good at explaining

  • Desmond DJ DDT Travis says:

    I actually tried this (indoors inside a container)…it’s been 2 weeks and
    the “eyes” are growing. I’m excited and look forward to my harvest. 

  • thegreangardener says:

    why cant u just put potatos in a pot and fill it with dirt wont it grow
    that way?

  • Judy White says:

    Do you put the container in full sun or part sun? Where do you find seed

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