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Growing Together: Potatoes on Good Friday, lilies on Easter Sunday
After Easter, grow the plant in a sunny window, and add Miracle Gro or other soluble fertilizer each time you water. The longer the foliage stays healthy, the stronger the bulb becomes. Gradually decrease watering frequency as foliage naturally turns …
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Grow your own vegetables with handy tips from the RHS
After this period of “hardening off” plant out into the ground or containers. Wherever you plant them, water well and check every few days. Young plants have modest root systems and are easily stressed by three or four days of warm weather if they dry …

Asparagus 101: How to plant, grow and eat the perennial vegetable
Hold a jar of soapy water under the plants as you hunt and they will be dispatched easily. For those who don't have time to hand-pick, Capt. Jack's Dead Bug Brew is a great organic control. Since the beetles overwinter in plant debris, it's another …
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