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Medical marijuana is legal now in Georgia. So how do we get it here?
For two years, Macris's company, Atlanta-based Halcyon Organics, has been growing cannabis plants in California (where it's licensed) that are low in THC and high in another chemical called cannabidiol, or CBD, which is nonpsychoactive and is used to …
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These prolific plants cover our hardwood forests, particularly where livestock aren't as prevalent and where logging has left openings. The challenge in hunting … But even when I was a kid we always found time for at least a day or two of serious …
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VC native creates clone of white mulberry tree
The appearance of a mulberry is similar to a blackberry. Mulberries are about 10 to 19 millimeters long … After failing to propagate the mulberry tree himself, Kjelland ran into Walla, who was a research scientist at North Dakota State University …
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Isle of Sky Farm in White Oaks keeps old trees alive
"Everything I sell, I grow right here," Tate said. "You can see the plants that I took cuttings from and the plants that produced the seeds I sell. I think it is important for people to see firsthand how I am growing plants both successfully and, maybe …
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