Let lovely Clematis vine climb into your life

Let lovely Clematis vine climb into your life
Plant this, and other clematis species, with “their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun,” which means roots should be planted in a shaded, moist environment, allowing the vines to grow in partial to full sun. C. armandii is a … I have never …
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Neil Sperry: Stop chopping crape myrtles
Q. Would you address (again) the issue of severe trimming of crape myrtles? How can we educate landscape companies not … The closest anyone has come to a viable reason has been to say that their plant is growing too tall and hitting the eaves, to …
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Washington's flowers are blooming, if you know where to look
With 50 acres of green space, more than a dozen specialty gardens and indoor conservatories that are home to a host of tropical plants, Brookside Gardens in Wheaton has been a destination for nature lovers for more than 40 years. Your search for early …
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