Should I Prune My Tomato Plants?

Should I Prune My Tomato Plants?
If you've pruned tomato plants by removing all suckers, then the plant will bear only a handful of fruit, with no method available for the plant to produce additional flowers after the hot weather has passed. If suckers would've been maintained, the …
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Fielding Questions: What to do with too-tall tomato plants
A. Too tall tomato plants are better planted deeply, rather than cut back. Tomato plants will develop roots along the buried stem, which makes them an even better plant with better roots. Dig a trench and carefully lay the plant horizontally after …
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Tomato plants need barriers, protectors
When planting tomato plants in the ground in early weeks, place a barrier around the plant to protect from strong winds and cold temperatures. Some folks use a milk jug that is transparent with the bottom cut out and lid removed to protect the small …
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