Tutorial: Germinating cannabis seeds in water cup (100% success rate)

World Class Cannabis Seeds http://www.cropkingseeds.com/ This is a completely legal grow, I do not condone growing without a medical marijuana card! (prop 215) In this video I go through…
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  • Anonymous says:

    can I use a winning lotto ticket in a pinch? ´╗┐

  • JoRgItO Martinez says:

    This better work its gana be my 1st time growing lol wish me luck ­čÖé ´╗┐

  • AssyrianKing4ever says:

    Bro I want to plant one in my room just to achieve my dream of having a
    plant but wanted to see if you know the plants and so what see should I
    get? Please help ´╗┐

  • Jonathan V.n. says:

    How much will i get from a outdoor (guerilla) harvested plant?´╗┐

  • Higzy Teflon says:

    If you leave them in water for 24 hours, you may have to push them down,
    but, all seeds should sink. 1 hour is just not long enough, but, you
    probably know this by now. ´╗┐

  • imWoozify says:

    What will I be able to do with one seed?´╗┐

  • Bard Mccartney says:

    iv found out that when you lift that napkin paper towel that the longer the
    root from germination the more likely to be female out ten i had one male
    an that was my own breeding seeds usually are regular but the longer the
    root the better´╗┐

  • Danny Parry says:

    Had 18 super skunk auto seeds in water method. I got the seeds from a cross
    pollinated grow. My 1st time with the water method its been like 30 odd
    hours and nothing on any. and most vids I see on here are ppl sayin 24hrs
    any clues? Got them in shot glasses distilled water in my sock draw´╗┐

  • TheRollinStoned says:

    do you have to do this with autoflowering seeds too? (indoor growbox)´╗┐

  • Sulaimon Maestro says:

    Ur Finger nails tho, i’m sorry but i couldn’t keep noticing it.. try to
    stop eating them… Cool Video!´╗┐

  • WilBillson says:

    slee stack skunk regular seeds. 25 pounds per hundred. None feminized so
    it’s down to nature! TOP strain though. I knows it coz I growd it. reply to
    comment and i will call you´╗┐

  • Wingaling Dingling says:

    Can someone help me out
    I’m just going to grow one plant for myself and my friends. What lights
    should I get and what genetics/mulch should I get? Thanks for the
    tutorial!! If I get good I’ll try to sell to dispensaries. ´╗┐

  • Brendan Maloney says:

    Do hemp seeds in the bag at a store work also???´╗┐

  • Machinegun Camel says:

    Your finger nails are fucked up!!!!´╗┐

  • logan spencer says:

    ld not use tap water because it has that bad shit called floride in it.
    that shits bad for you.´╗┐

  • bigmatt504 says:

    I tried this on a seed that I have. It’s been sitting at the top for 4 days
    will not go down is this a bad seed?

  • Anton France Munoz says:

    my seeds stayed in a towel for almost 24hrs now.. but nothing happen, what
    should i do? i only have this seeds remaining. rescue please´╗┐

  • gmonsteratyate says:

    ONLY 1 HAS SPROUTED am I in trouble?´╗┐

  • hossam mohammed says:

    i am in another country how could i get the seeds´╗┐

  • Matthew Emerson says:

    after you germinate your seeds do you just plant them in the soil?´╗┐

  • Trevor Thompson says:

    How long should they stay in the paper towel ´╗┐

  • Ziaire Roberts says:

    hey i looking to buy so seeds +David Perez ´╗┐

  • Mohawk Tribe says:

    So after the seeds sprout and you plant them do you put them under light
    right away or do you wait until they pop up from the soil then put them
    under light? I’m very new to starting my own plants always had someone
    start them from me but I’d rather learn how.´╗┐

  • Hosea Defreifas says:


  • rebellion occupyer says:

    what about the lotto ticket action ?

    I thought: ”here it comes, he knows a thrick..” OMG!!!!

    You need to smokeeveryday but just a little LESS than what you are smoking
    No joke!
    Just skip to min5:27 after putting the seeds into the water with the magic
    lotto ticket…

    1. put seeds in water
    2. wait 48/72 hours´╗┐

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