I have two blueberry plants in pots.?

question ErinH .? I have 2 blueberry plants in pots I planted the berries in the spring and they grew up, but not. I live in PA and winter is coming. What should I do Best Answer:

answer Laurens
just wait, you will not get berries this year. but next year. it is better in the winter fin.bonne luck

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  • shirley v says:

    put them in a shed

  • Elizabeth says:

    Blueberries are best grown in the ground rather than a pot. You need acidic soil pH = 5 -5 1/2. Protect them during the winter. Pots are exposed to more than plants in the ground to freeze. In the spring you have tested the soil from the office of the circle center. It requires a lot more work to keep the pH value and the amount of necessary nutrients for your plants in a pot. Consider the plants in soil. I really do not know anyone who has had more success in blueberry pots.DésoléLOL know

  • Steve says:

    Blueberries need a cooling circuit to produce berries. As the weather begins to get cooler, the plant will start to produce buds for next year. Round buttons near the ends of the shoots are removed fruit buds and flowers are sharply lower buds. Northern Highbush varieties need at least a month of cold weather 40F. In the spring you have flowers and fruits. You are not Upbound. I let the plants outside until the leaves fall, keep the soil moist. Then move the pots in an unheated shed. The pots can be buried in the ground.

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