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Extension Update: Canning classes set for May 19
Container-grown bushes are better than bare-rooted ones; however, poorly planted and managed blueberry bushes could die within a year or two. Amend the soil, and water blueberry plants regularly. Refer to the OSU Extension fact sheet on blueberries at …
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Your Garden: Kym Pokorny
#Test the soil pH a year before planting. If you need to make the soil more acidic, it can take more than six months. According to Strik, poor plant growth from soil pH that is too high is the most common problem when growing blueberries in a home garden.

Consumers love to sing the blues
Consumers love blueberries, and the industry is only too happy to support this love affair. A 2014 study commissioned by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Commission provides a detailed explanation about the exploding growth of the blueberry industry.
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