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LARSON: Blueberries giving one local the blues
If your soil pH is above 6.0, try growing blueberries in 20-inch or larger containers or half-barrels. Sink the pot into the ground, which insulates the roots to aid winter survival. Leave the upper two inches of the pot above the soil line to prevent …
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Tips for growing blueberries
To plant blueberries, gently remove the plant from the grower's pot and lightly roughen up the outside surface of the root ball. Set the top soil line of the plant about 1-2 inches higher than the existing ground to allow for settling and the …
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I need some advice for growing blueberries
While containers work well, raised beds can be problematic because the blueberry plant likes a lot of water, 1 to 2 inches per week, and raised beds tend to drain and dry quickly. As far as needing more than one plant, again, it depends. Most …
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