Move beyond the muffin and try blueberries in new ways

Move beyond the muffin and try blueberries in new ways
Fueled by the growing interest in eating healthy foods, the blueberry continues to gain popularity, especially in the central San Joaquin Valley, where the crop is eagerly awaited by consumers. The region's farmers grow several different varieties …
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June calendar for Brevard gardeners
Come join us for our next 1 1/2-hour workshop in Palm Bay, where participants will learn how to grow a healthy landscape and protect the Indian River Lagoon at the same time. … •Here is a list of some of the fresh produce that could be available at …
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Mummy berry management in blueberries during bloom
Mummy berry is caused by the fungus Monilinia vaccinia-corymbosi. Susceptible blueberry cultivars such as Blueray, Jersey, Rubel, Bluegold and Rancocas that are grown in wetter sites typically have the most disease pressure. In the last couple of years …
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