Organics Rx Sea Kelp 100 Seaweed Fertilizer, 32 fl. oz.

Organics Rx Sea Kelp 100 Seaweed Fertilizer, 32 fl. oz.

  • Sea kelp 100 is a highly effective seaweed fertilizer. It can be used as a plant food, lawn food, all purpose fertilizer or boost your edible yields.
  • Harvested along the North Atlantic shoreline, Organics Rx turns the kelp meal into an effective liquid concentrate fertilizer. 100% seaweed. No odor from fish emulsion or liquid fish fertilizers.
  • Kelp will open up the plants root system to allow for more effective water and mineral uptake
  • Helps correct soil pH and attracts beneficial earthworms. Use on any plants, tree or vine that is dormant or stressed, and watch it grow. Makes any existing plant food or fertilizer more effective.
  • Great for hydroponics in any hydroponic growing system with noticeable yield boosts

Organics Rx Sea Kelp 100 Effects of Kelp on Root Systems Sea Kelp 100 Soil enrichment for vigorous plant growth. What is it? A high quality Ascophyllum seaweed harvested along the North Atlantic Sea coastline, sea-kelp 100’s unique blend enriches soil and provides plants with vital nutrients. The Root Opener Contains organic growth Cytokinins (carbohydrates) which release essential minerals into soil. Roots become larger and can take in nutrients in the soil more effectively. The end result


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