Gardening From Seeds : How to Plant Seeds in a Container

Gardening From Seeds : How to Plant Seeds in a Container

When planting seeds in a container, be sure to pack down the soil slightly, bury the seed as deep as it is long, and keep the soil moist through the germinat…

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  • Bri Q says:

    Wht soil did you use?

  • KeepOnChasingLights5 says:

    Oh my gosh! Finally a video that’s simple and straight to the point! Thank
    you! X

  • Gardening4fun101 says:

    Good video I’ve also got a video on how to plant flowers, please click on
    my channel and view the video. I’m looking for some nice flower seeds to
    plant. Was wondering do you have any idea’s. Thanks for the video 🙂 !!!

  • eren karl mortel says:

    i already finished germinating my seed so what’ll i do? do i just plant it,
    water it and it’ll grow automatically without germinating again?; Anyway
    thanks for the vid it really helped 😀

  • MarcyBieber654 says:

    Finally a video on how to plant seeds! Thanks!

  • Iris Mckay says:

    When should I add fertilizer into the container? Can I add fertilizer when
    che seedlings are about 2 inches?

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