Gardening Tips : Growing Sunflowers in Pots

When growing sunflowers in pots, put them 1 to 2 inches deep into the pot, or try starting the seeds inside a bag. Discover how to keep sunflowers moist, but not too wet, with help from a sustainab…
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  • Garden Sheds Kent says:

    Who would not get interested to learn on how to grow sunflowers in a pot! I
    am very much overwhelmed to hear these great ideas. I just so love these
    lovely flowers and I will never hesitate to have a good start in the
    soonest time. 

  • Sheds Direct Manchester says:

    Through these vital tips, I can grow my all time favorite sunflowers in
    pots and I can properly manage to care. Time was never wasted watching this
    video. Good job!

  • Yolanda Vanveen says:

    Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos and for the nice comments!! I
    am glad that I entertain you and you choose to watch my videos when there
    are so many out there! You can find me on Facebook and Twitter under
    Yolanda Vanveen

  • terry81 says:

    How do you handle young sprouts about 5 inches tall with thin flimsy stem?
    I tied it to rest beside a straw…is it ok to do it? Any fertiliser needed
    at this stage?

  • Calvin Snow says:

    @Pinky91461 Mine started growing from bird seed I set out. Try everything!
    good luck.

  • bowler8 says:

    why does this person only talk about doing things and never shows
    you…waste of time

  • PainChaud says:

    I did that in the house during winter and they grew indoor…..the flower
    blossomed just in time for the first flies to polenate it outside on the
    porch during the day

  • GardenToolCaddy says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • jeffer wills says:

    can i eat the seeds? that’s what I want!! yummy yummy sunflower seeds!!!

  • minty riley says:

    Pinky91461 i don’t think roasted ones work unless you’ve already tried but
    because there roasted… but maybe salty =) good luck!

  • elmrenz says:

    can i use bird seeds for planting?

  • Ginger says:

    Can I plant sunflower seeds in September & expect them to be pretty enough
    yard decor by Thanksgiving?

  • caryasiam says:

    Hi thanks for the vodeos….question, I live in Florids we have a lot of
    sand with little dirt….there are palm trees and tropical bushis were I
    planted my sunflowers seedlings started in the house I dug a hole and added
    some miracle grow dirt in the hole and covered it do U think they will grow
    ok ? Thanks Cary

  • linaeable says:


  • Lily Pritchard says:


  • Ronnie & Minh says:

    Nice video, thanks.

  • Crystal Tweeboom says:

    @elmrenz yes, you can. I used to all the time! 😉

  • Johnny Brennan says:

    @elmrenz Yes. I scattered bird seed in my garden in March and watched as
    the seeds that weren’t eaten grow into healthy plants of various sizes.
    They flowered in June. Up to 5 foot tall. In Clapham. In south London.

  • Pepe's Fruit Trees says:

    Thanks, Great tips!

  • Pickles Suzuki says:

    crap….. my sunflower was panted this month… O.O hopefully they don’t
    die soon..

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