Growing Sunflowers

See how easy it is to grow these summertime favorites.
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Watch our step-by-step film showing how to grow and harvest sunflowers, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence. Visit the official B&Q YouTube channel….

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  • Leon Lim says:

    love her!

  • Donna Saunders says:

    Hmm no replies!

  • kittensugars says:

    Burpee has affiliations with Monsanto. Their seeds may be genetically
    modified. Better to buy heirloom/organic seeds. I suggest “Seed savers
    exchange” — easy to find & order online.

  • 37Sith says:

    I have some Russian Giants on my page…. Really large last year. Hoping
    this year is the same….

  • OlvOyl4383 says:

    OMGosh it’s sunflower heaven!

  • 1234fantastic5 says:

    does burpee GMO their seeds ????

  • Sajid Rafique says:

    If I plant them against my backyard fence to hide the old ugly fence will
    that be a good permanent screen?

  • Devin Mooney says:


  • DCFCfanatic says:

    Just asking, but how tall do mammoth sunflowers grow. I’m growing some
    right now. the tallest is at 10 ft tall and blooming. But I have a few
    that are at about 3 or 4 ft tall and have already bloomed as well. Did I
    do something wrong or is this just a natural thing?

  • DD826 says:

    at 150 degrees for 30 to 40 mins,,,,but I like the salted ones, where is
    the salt, do you have any advice to get the salty kind of Sunflower seeds?
    thks, gv!

  • Crystal Prince says:

    Well you spuupose to water them when the soil feels dry by simple touching
    the soil. Also it takes a while for some seeds to grow and sometimes not
    long at all. when there seed it best to plant indoors until it grows a bit
    so the bugs wont eat it straight away

  • Salama Alketbi says:

    when i saw this i was eating it

  • Aron Egill says:

    HELP my plant doesn’t grow. i think i might just drowned it with water but
    it still wont grow. 🙁

  • herbalpeace says:

    Sunflowers do NOT need to be tied to a stick. Once you starttying it to a
    stick the seedling will rely on it for support, which makes it weak. By not
    tying it the seedling will create a much thicker and sturdier stem, I
    learned this from other annuals. My sunflowers reach over 3m and have
    multiple flowers (10+a plant), only 2 have fallen over. You’ll have to push
    quite hard if you want to push them over.

  • PeepingMatt says:

    Sure. I would just boil some water and mx as much salt as you can into it,
    then let the water cool, soak the seeds in the salt water for 15-20 minutes
    minutes, and immediately roast them after soaking. that should evaporate
    the water and leave a very fine salty powder on the seeds like you get in
    the store! You’ll have to roast them a bit longer since they’re wet to

  • eggplantparrot says:

    if u r planting them for fun like I do, then just take like 3 seeds and
    wrap it in a soft paper towel, put on a foam tray, and spray the paper +
    tray till the water is just pooling, then leave it for a few days and spray
    once in a while so the pool doesnt run dry. should work. then after it
    sprouts, put one in a pot and grow it til u can put it outside without fear
    of it breaking in the wind

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