How to Grow Sunflower Seed Sprouts

How to grow and harvest your own Sunflower seed sprouts indoors in trays. Easy and simple instructions. Update on method: We have switched to using brown paper grocery bags because they are…
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  • valnaples says:

    I can find black oil sunflower seeds which says on the package is for bird
    seed…can I use these for sprouting or not? Thanks so much! Nice video

  • Anon Nymous says:

    How long before you can harvest them, on average??

  • Diana Sim says:

    my sprout has mole till can eat

  • Duwah Shuber says:

    Why do you grow with soil? I grew my in a tray – no soil and they are
    sprouting fine. With hairs are growing to – wonder what that is.

  • angelofpalmbeach says:

    I was planning to sprout In mason jars to start with. This looks very easy,
    I don’t know if I can trust bird seeds, (are they non gmo?)

  • Milka Namina says:

    I would be little hesitant about using the newspaper, for the risk of ink
    getting into my sprouts, would use just plain white sheet of paper. Could u
    please tell me whether after I once cut down the shoots, if a new ones will
    continue growing or do I have to start sprouting new seeds? thank you

  • Carena722 says:

    are there benefits to eating sprouts over regular lettuce or is it tastier
    or cheaper?

  • Paul Ladendorf says:

    Do the seeds have to be unhulled? Someone just told me they sprout hulled
    seeds but not sure if you can grow greens with hulled seeds. Thanks.

  • Norly RamsAry says:

    hello… once you harvest the sprouts… are you able to regrow them? or
    you start all again? thnks

  • SM22 says:

    I am gone try it out yhooooo hehe

  • SM22 says:

    Amazing Video Thanks!

  • Sergei Vasilenka says:

    Thank you for a great video! However, when I grew them outdoors they would
    sprout beautifully. In winter I grow them in the kitchen and don’t have
    good results. I don’t have mold issues, but they take forever to grow, are
    small and weak. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    The simple answer is we are not 100% sure. But according to our
    research…More than 90% of USA’s daily newspapers are printed with soy
    ink…Most newspapers use soy ink for color printing. Bonding of paper
    requires glue which according to “glue-storeDOTcom/adhesives101” is also
    plant based: “Relatively low cost adhesive commonly used in paper bonding,
    packaging and labeling.” If you are unsure, you can make more inquiries
    regarding the material you use.

  • Gino G says:

    Hello, thank you for another fabulous teaching video. I would like to know
    what happens with the trays after the harvest. Can you harvest multiple
    times? Thank you for all.

  • prismcolour says:

    Great video. Very economical and practical. Love the beginning to end
    instructions. Thank you!

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    Thanks Alniea, glad you were successful. When the weather cools down, they
    will grow slower, but with a warm sunny window, or a greenhouse you can
    have these beauties all year round.

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    They sound like fungus gnats which breed in moist dense topsoil and can be
    pests indoors and in greenhouses. We grow our sunflower and wheat grass on
    shelves in our garage by the window. In cold weather we use a heated
    laundry room but there’s no gnats inside in the winter. Some suggestions:
    Use sterilized soil; cut down on excess water-water only as necessary;
    spray with dilute solution of garlic, neem or diy citrus-peel spray AFTER
    watering. Search “controlling fungus gnats”. Hope this helps.

  • Carolyn Zuniga says:

    Every time i use soil i get these gnats that are so annoying. I have tried
    using several types of soil bought from Home Depot, and still i get gnats.
    My point is is that i don’t want the gnats in my house. What do you suggest?

  • Carolyn Zuniga says:

    Thank You so much for your advice. I feel more hopeful now about planting!

  • Peggy Copley says:

    My first batch is starting to sprout through the soil. Tasted one early.
    They are really delicious! Love the video! Thank you so much.

  • 1fanger says:

    Thank you on the technique you use, however I would buy bulk seed certified
    organically grown. It is cheaper in the long run and you are guaranteed
    (hopefully) that the seed is pesticide and herbicide free. I grow my own
    flowers and harvest the seed for my own use. You have inspired me to grow
    sprouts in flats of potting soil indoors.

  • nikos t says:

    how do you know the newsparep ink is plant based?

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    You could try spreading out the soil on a tarp and drying it out thoroughly
    in the sun before using it.

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    No, I don’t, we buy the black oil sunflower seeds for birdfeeders which
    folks have around here for the wildbirds, and we always get most of the
    seeds to sprout, even in the winter even though it takes longer and we have
    to keep the sprouts under lights in the morning and evening and in the
    greenhouse during the day. Are you using water straight from the tap? it
    may contain too much chlorine or other chemicals that may be interfering
    with the sprouting process.

  • Seventh Era Production says:

    Where are your seeds coming from, are they imported, are they subject to
    irradiation. Organic seeds should sprout….try a search “low seed
    germination in sunflower seeds” you may get some answers that way. Good
    Luck Chaim.

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