How To Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers – The Easy Way!!!

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers - The Easy Way!!!

Here are a few easy ways to grow sweet potatoes that im having a bunch of success with. I hope this helps you to grow some sweet potatoes at home and remember the sweet potato leaves make a…
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  • trumpsahead says:

    Short and to the point. Good video. Thanks, I’m trying that with organic
    store bought.

  • MsMaryJaneGrrl says:

    He’s going to wind up with a lot of pretty vines. So many things wrong here
    but the main things are too many huge potatoes in a tiny pot and not
    covering them, or “hilling up” as those shoots grew.

  • Jake Conner says:

    great video how long does it take a sweet potatoes to sprout slips in soil?

  • Caleb kendyl says:

    Growing Sweet Potatoes From A Piece of Sweet Potato Hey thanks for the
    info…i watched your video and heaps of other videos and decided to try it
    myself. 🙂 check it out! thanks

  • Nick Hollister says:

    Great video! I’m about to grow my own, and I was wondering what you thought
    about just putting a store bought sweet potato in a pot with soil
    vertically. Would that grow decently or should I start it out in a mason
    jar with water?

  • ricardo lamis says:

    If you want a great result do not cut off the vine of sweet potato. Let it
    grow until mature and put compost mix with a little sandy soil to cover up
    the main roots. I can assured you the best result of your labor. Thank you
    very much.

  • YouPlantTube says:

    Interesting video, deserves a thumbs up!

  • Spicky says:

    Did you get any sweet potato this was uploaded in 2012

  • athatcher85 says:

    thats great, i hope ypu have success. thanks for watching

  • athatcher85 says:

    About 3 months on the sweet potatos. so i think i may just use them for the
    greens. If they give me some potatoes this winter i will be verry happy.
    Glad your sweet potatoes are doing good too. Thanks for responding

  • athatcher85 says:

    I was going to plant some out there in the forest but i didnt know if they
    would have enough time for the roots to grow good before it get cold. I
    think ill plant some out there just to see how they do. thanks for watching

  • superslyfoxx1 says:

    I need to try this! Seems like something you can enjoy really quickly.

  • Venicestu says:

    Cont. There are several people who has visited his farm and have posted
    there videos on line. There is some even more outstanding wisdom found in
    these vids that are not in the movie. Recently L2Survive went to his farm &
    recorded I think hours of film & he has been releasing 5-6 minute videos
    almost daily, (increasing viewership etc.) Point being, people love this
    natural system of growing food and lots of viewers may help you
    financially. Your property looks perfect for a wood chipper, Peace

  • athatcher85 says:

    The wonderful documentary by Masanobu Fukuoka about natural farming filmed
    in the late 80’s i put in my description. enjoy

  • Venicestu says:

    I have a suggestion, it looks like your starting a gardening/food forest
    channel. Since there already is a successful movie out (Back to Eden) with
    Paul Gautschi (free to watch on the internet) where he explains his
    fantastic results, why not tie into his tag line. Such as my N. Carolina
    back to Eden garden. It already has thousands of people following along and
    lots of new people catching on daily. He doesn’t post videos yet he has
    people from all over the world visiting his farm to learn.

  • lotusblossomed says:

    I would like to make a hanging basket for next Spring/Summer…when do you
    think I should start the potatoes and is it ok to start it inside in a
    south facing window? Can I cut the potato into pieces and plant it that
    way? Lastly, how many do you think I’ll need to make a full basket?

  • Duncan Whareaitu says:

    this was so easy … yet here in nz have to use this and that to grow
    kumara … nah …im going to use yr method ..just stick it in the bucket
    and go from there …

  • Rivet Gardener says:

    Very nice! Wish we liked sweet potatoes more or we’d grow some of them too.
    Bet that would work well in your woodland garden.

  • ThePaleoAgrarianist says:

    I will definatley be growing some sweet potatoes next season, so this video
    has really helped.

  • athatcher85 says:

    I think ill wait until it starts getting chill or they die back. I may even
    take the japanese one inside and over winter some for next year.

  • David Trees says:

    I like the way you grew your Japanese variety… Half exposed and the slips
    looked really healthy. Did you plant them and get a crop? If so what did
    they taste like. Rain brother… We get more rain than we want or need in
    England. That being said I came from Australia so I get how refreshing it
    is when we need it and then get it… Thanks for sharing your experience. D

  • sheryl2pnt0 says:

    Nice! Are you growing them just for the greens or is your goal to get sweet
    potatoes? I’m wondering how long it takes for the sweet potato to mature.
    Mine are growing like crazy and vining out all over the place. They are up
    and hanging over the container now!

  • athatcher85 says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up!

  • bloom4mee says:

    Thanks for that. I had seen another video and he talked about “slips” but
    never said what it is. Now I can get started because it was recommended to
    do so now for my area. Great vid.

  • athatcher85 says:

    Yeah ive heard about that, i will have to look into that more. Thank you. I
    have watched the documentary “the one straw revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka
    who was doing this permaculture and mulch techniques back in the 60’s. I
    feel that he is actually the father of modern permaculture. Bill Mollison,
    and Sepp Holtzer came after. You should really check it out. He even
    invented the clay “SEED BOMB” method we use today. Thanks for watching!

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