Growing Potatoes is a hugely satisfying experience and doesn’t require a large portion of your garden for a successful crop. Potatoes are also fantastic fun to grow with your family especially…

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  • Genesis W says:

    I’ve tried the bag method, but they seem to dry out too fast. I’m trying
    tires this year. We will see how it goes!

  • Aaron's allotment says:

    I can’t help feeling that in this particular little corner of social media
    that it is disingenuous to cover this subject without mentioning Dan at
    Allotment Diary. If it wasn’t for him sharing his prize winning secrets at
    the National championships then none of us would know about this method,
    including you. Generally I like what you do, but on this occasion I think
    you should give credit where it is due and give a huge shoutout to Dan.

  • Bubba Redneck says:

    i was just wondering if you only get one tater per bulb or do you get more
    as ive ordered purple bulbs from burpees this year.

  • theIAMofME says:

    I grew sweet potatoes last year in a “pallet box”. It was a display box for
    cacti at a big box store. They were throwing it away. So, I took it home
    and covered the outside with landscaping fabric. I only planted 4 slips and
    got about 65 pounds of sweet potatoes. I planted late here. It was July 30.
    Then, on Halloween, I dug them up. I was shocked. All I did was put them in
    good soil and made sure they stayed watered. Easiest thing I’ve ever grown.
    They looked and tasted far superior to anything I could have bought at the
    grocery store.

  • Gardening Tips With Phil says:

    I enjoy growing Kipfler’s, Desiree and Nicola.

  • Rob Langholff says:

    Great instructional video! I’m growing red potatoes and texas russet
    potatoes in containers and can’t wait until my harvest! Thank you!

  • Va CountryBoy says:
  • Patrick Meehan says:

    Thanks for sharing – useful information

  • The Abled Gardener says:

    Great video, I love your editing, I envy anyone who can make a well editing
    gardening video. Your potatoes look great too, I’m growing in pots this
    year; Yukon Gold, White, purple, Norland Red and Russet. I have about 16
    buckets or bags growing. Take care, Kim

  • Lacy Armstrong says:

    I’ve grown Jerusalem Artichokes in pots with great success! I have feed
    sacks that I use to make totes. This year I’ll try using these for my

  • HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead says:

    I plant in the ground rather than in bags, because then I don’t have to
    water so much, I can mulch them and keep them cool enough to have good
    tuber set. It seems like the soil temperatures in pots, for people in warm
    climates, can get too hot to have the most favorable conditions for
    potatoes, reducing their yield (not sweet potatoes which like heat, but
    regular potatoes which like cool soil).. I really like German Butterball
    for high yields, great storage, and they can produce some real lunkers.
    Purple Viking are the most beautiful potato I’ve ever seen and grow well.
    There are so many potato varieties it’s easy to get carried away! : )

  • N Ireland Allotment Vids says:

    another great fact busting clip. keep them coming.

  • delsurf71 says:

    This is the first year I am attempting to grow potatoes and I am doing it
    in pots and buckets. I am trying All Blue and Katahdin from the Maine
    Potato Lady.

  • Kim Agla says:

    I am so glad to see you demonstrate how easy this method may be as I am
    thinking of growing potatoes in big pots for the first time and was a
    little nervous but not anymore.

  • N Ireland Allotment Vids says:

    great clip thank you

  • Maggie Byrne says:

    I purchased seed potatoes this year and they’re currently on the counter
    “chitting” if that’s what it’s called. The eyes are sprouting.

    Should I be cutting the potatoes that have 3 or 4 eyes and letting them
    “Heal” or dry as I’ve seen suggested elsewhere?

    Is there a way to save the potatoes for next years planting?

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