The new 'Breakfast Club'

The new 'Breakfast Club'
While breakfast is the smallest category, it is the fastest growing segment, in part thanks to an aging population that is blurring traditional meal times. "Work schedules are … At 5 p.m., Krier, 35, began with pot roast and mashed potatoes. He …

Favorite dishes: A day to salute fathers
Growing up during the Great Depression, Daddy ate a lot of beans since they were cheap, but he never tired of them. His grandma … I recall Momma would cook a big pot of beans every week. At least twice a month, … like simple food.” To him this …
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Peggy Wall King News
The Stokes Farmers Market is at King American Legion. They are open on Wednesday and Saturday, hours are 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. They have tomatoes from Tucker's greenhouse, squash, green beans, cucumbers, new potatoes and cabbage. For information …
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How to grow potatoes in pots
Pot-grown potatoes also win on pests and diseases: they are far less likely to be gnawed at by slugs in a pot than in the ground, and early varieties grow so fast that they are up, harvested and eaten well before blight strikes. The result of all of …

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