Gardening: Do it now

Gardening: Do it now
Removing spent flowers keeps them from producing hips or seeds. … Monitor tomatoes for blights and treat accordingly. If row covers … Houseplants: Plan to grow some plants to repot and take indoors in the fall, keeping in mind the light situation …
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Hydrangeas love acidic soil, sun
Do it gradually; any plant that spent the winter indoors will have to be slowly acclimated to outdoor light and cooler temperatures. Start with 20 … A: Some gardeners swear by root-pruning tomatoes after three or four clusters of fruit have formed …
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In Charlotte, the solstice is a good excuse for a garden celebration
Toward the end of June, start seeds of broccoli, cabbage and other fall crops in flats indoors, for transplanting into the garden in early August. Although you can also buy these seedlings in the fall, they sometimes arrive too late in the stores …
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