Growing Tomatoes In Containers – Best Tips & Advice!

A collection of tips and secrets for growing great tomatoes in containers. We guide you thru the process of choosing soil, adding fertilizer, watering and maintaining your plants. See determinate…
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Growing tomatoes in Florida can be a challenge because the weather can be unpredictable. In central Florida tomatoes can be planted in early February for picking in early summer.

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  • California Gardening says:

    Here are some tips to grow great tomatoes in containers!

  • William Bates says:

    Luv your videos 

  • HoschtonBoy says:

    Well I did find out that the bhuts are hot just looking at them. I liked
    the juice of just one pepper that was broken open and I can’t begin to
    explain how hot it was . Perhaps I won’t do any tasting, only growing from
    now on. I added this video to my favorites.

  • Elizabeth Brooks says:

    You have given me alot of new information. Thank you!

  • itsnotthesamething says:

    Do you spray the plants with aspirin and Epsom salt, or add it to the soil?

  • Donna Crimmins says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Preeti Dalwani says:

    Your videos are helping me start my little in house garden. I have just
    started with sawing the seeds in little cups. I live in Japan and cant read
    Japanese so just bought seeds judging the size of tomatoes shown on the
    picture so now here I need your help. I have chosen a cherry tomato type
    and other medium type. I need tips on how frequently should I water them
    after I see the plant coming out of the soil and second question how many
    plants can I add in my 62 * 30 cms container. Thanks for making sch
    informative videos.

  • Hugh Janus says:

    Looks good. I also grow in containers. I am growing Beefsteaks this year. I
    just started them indoors a few days ago. Happy gardening to you too!

  • D_imi says:

    Good tips, thanks! How often and for how long do you water with the drip

  • Deals togo says:

    Excellent video; thank you.

  • Mila's Garden Diary says:
  • James Pollan says:

    Great Tips! I just planted my tomatoes this weekend. Looks like I’ll be
    referring back this video. I enjoy your tried, tested and easy to follow
    methods! Thanks for sharing! 

  • Saroja Jayaraman says:

    Your tomatoes look so nice. So many tomatoes in one pot is very very nice.

  • Charlie Johnson says:

    Well done and informative video. The only disagreement I have is your
    statement that you should not recycle the potting soil. I am not sure why
    you feel that recycling of soil is a bad thing to do. I have been using the
    same potting soil for 6 years and have not experienced any negative
    effects. Most commercial potting soils have little or no NPK value and the
    gardener must incorporate the fertilizer on a regular basis. I have never
    had a problem with diseases either and that is why I question you on not
    recycling. I mix my potting soil with well composted horse manure acquired
    from a stable and find that by doing so I am supplying many of the trace
    elements not found in straight commercial potting soil and commercial
    fertilizers. Whatever you are doing certainly produces a nice crop.

  • El Buitre De Madrid says:

    Hi i have a question about tomato plants
    I am growing some san marzano tomato plants in pots and i started 3-4 weeks
    ago. Now the plants are about 8-10 cm so i am wondering at this stage how
    should i look after them.
    Are they ok to be at direct sunlight for 6-8 hours per day or this is too
    much considering the sun here is quite hot specially around midle day .
    Also how frequently should i water them?
    Thank you

  • Susie Arviso says:

    Thank you for the video! Do you just throw some epsom salt in the soil?

  • The Cosmic Rabbit Federation says:
  • HoschtonBoy says:

    Very nice, was that corn you are growing in a container? I am growing a few
    corns in a container this year to see how well they do.

  • Ken Jain says:


    Fantastic video. Thanks. btw, I (Ketan) sent you private message related to
    gardening last week from your YT channel. Can you please have a look and
    respond? It was about Falsa/Phalsa berry/Miracle Fruit. Thanks!

  • Kulashekaran Padmanabhan says:
  • Ricardo Gallardo says:


  • red fish fisher says:

    Ya ya ya 

  • Randy's Video Creations says:

    *Hey dude great video and* *good tips !*

  • Jeanine Satel says:

    Hi Maria, It looks like you & hubby are pretty good at growing veggies. I
    am really having a lot of issues trying ot grow veggies in central Florida.
    Wondering if you can make some videos with some help. 

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