How heirloom tomatoes stack up

How heirloom tomatoes stack up
This is why they taste like the tomatoes your grandmother used to grow in her backyard. Because heirloom tomatoes haven't been altered for uniformity … Keep in mind that large tomatoes such as brandywine, watermelon beefsteak and Cherokee purple can …
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Cheat the seasons with self-watering containers
I started my tomato seeds at the end of January, they went into the containers in late February and in April I had 5-foot-tall burly beefsteaks with large green fruit in my greenhouse. It's the first year I've ever tried to cheat the seasons and so far …
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A tomato planting primer
Determinate varieties are the best choices for container growing. They do well in medium-sized containers and only require medium-level support. Indeterminate varieties, a category which includes most of the big beefsteak types and virtually all of the …
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Heirloom tomatoes bring ageless flavor
I still recall the pride on Dad's face as he plucked off one of his meaty beefsteak 'maters that earned him neighborhood fame. I enjoy growing one or two varieties of heirloom tomatoes every year for the scrumptious taste and memories they evoke, and …
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