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Tomato varieties to try in the garden
I am trying to find seeds for ground cherries, the edible kind. They are sometimes called husk tomatoes and look like small, yellow tomatillos. We grew these in Minnesota when I was growing up and I grew them in Boise, Idaho. They are delicious, either …
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Growing bountiful tomatoes a Sacramento tradition, obsession
While it will be a few months before we bite into the first fresh home-grown tomatoes of the season, February is tomato seed planting time, a task best done indoors. From those little … Cherry Baby is for gardeners who can never have enough cherry …
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The Root of it All: Leftover seeds from the past few years
Growing plants from seeds has advantages. More varieties are available as seeds. Visit a local garden center to view the vast inventory of seeds, or peruse a seed catalog. I would bet the best chance of having Chocolate Sprinkles Cherry Tomato growing …
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Lauderdale: Vegetable gardens
Plant cabbage (Round Dutch, Early Jersey, Red Acre), onions (Ebenezer, Excell, Early Grano), head lettuce (Great Lakes, Ithaca), radishes (Early Scarlet Globe, Cherry Belle), rutabagas (American Purple Top, Laurentian), edible pod spring peas (Sugar …
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