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Replacing sod in shady spots can be challenging
Although it may seem like Florida would be too hot, it's not the heat that is the problem. Many areas … What these plants need that is lacking in Florida is the cold winters. … Q. My large tomato plants are loaded with fruits and more than 5 feet …
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String-trimmers, rodents could be harming plants
A. Tomatoes can be grown in either large containers or a prepared garden bed but right now you are in between the good growing seasons. Tomatoes prefer … Tulips and similar cool-climate bulbs are difficult to rebloom in Florida. They would have to be …
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Bernie Sanders Tells Latinos He Backs Immigration Reform at NALEO
"It is not acceptable to me and a growing majority of the American people that millions of people in this country are working extremely hard but they are living in the shadows, and that has got to end," Sanders said. Sanders is considered an underdog …

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