Laura and Victor: Growing Exceptional Heirloom Tomatoes

Food Forest Magic Presents Another in our series on Organic Gardening Laura and Victor show how they revived and grew incredible varieties of heirloom tomatoes from ndira Ghandi Black to Black…
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  • RaceDayVids says:

    women judging other women is such a problem these days. women who do such
    things are short sided and lack class, and respect. Besides that, great
    video and thanks!

  • Randall Vaughn says:

    What has that got to do with world class gardening..You phony plastic

  • Mandy Pruitt says:

    She might want to wear something that hides that hideous gut of hers. Ugh.
    Made me so sick I lost interest and couldn’t watch. YUCK!

  • Zebulon Citanul says:

    I know that I am going to be making compost tea from their recipe next
    year. I am amazed at their tomato production. Thanks Laura, Victor, ans Art.

  • Flowerhen says:

    Laura, what kind of tomato was that first one you showed us?? I couldnt
    hear what you said. Thank you?

  • expobond says:

    Wonder if they needed to treated the leaves with dish soap water too to
    keep pests away??

  • Michelle Hughes says:

    wow great garden!

  • Zebulon Citanul says:

    I know that next year I will be following their recipe for compost tea.
    Amazing tomatoes. Thanks Laura, Victor, and Art

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