Cornell seeds urban farming in the Big Apple

Cornell seeds urban farming in the Big Apple
“Our rooftops, schools and senior centers aren't the first places that come to mind when you think of agriculture, but Manhattan is home to an array of urban plots, hydroponic farms, greenhouses and more than 170 community gardens,” Brewer said …
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On the long trip to Mars, what will astronauts eat?
A single pound of payload — whether dehydrated meat, fruit and nuts ground into paste, pizza from a 3D-printing device, or veggies grown hydroponically — costs $ 10,000 just to launch it into space. A 180-pound astronaut would require about 3 million …
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Greenport bans wells in water district
Jurkowski said it was his understanding that water used for vegetation would come from fish wastewater for hydroponics, but Morreale said he may at times need more water than that one source. “If there's not enough water from the fish farm, I'm going …
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