How to start your own hydroponic garden

How to start your own hydroponic garden
In fact, hydroponic growing can be so simple that a child can do it. There's even a good chance you gave it a try when you were a kid. Did you ever put toothpicks in a potato and suspend it in a jar of water? If so, do you remember waiting for the …
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Business booming for Fresno hydroponic company
Daniel Wilson, president of the company, says that with the increased attention on growing food in a more sustainable and efficient way, hydroponics makes sense for small farmers in urban environments and in greenhouses. The closed-loop system also …
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Man uses hydroponics to 'paint with plants'
He's marketed and sold his nutritious micro greens, which include broccoli, wheatgrass and sunflowers, to Upstate juice bars. He hopes to market his hydroponic farming system on the national level, but right now, he sees his garage garden as an …
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