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Follow these tips for a beautiful, organic lawn
If you send samples of your soil to Iowa State University, they can let you know the nutrient needs of your lawn. For details, go to Try natural products: Wellington uses a corn-gluten product as pre-emergent weed …

Letter From Skunk Hollow: Can a garden be deer-proof without walls?
It's a variation on the rotating lawn sprinkler, controlled by a motion sensor which fires a blast of cold water in the direction of any deer it detects. Supposedly this … As I've written before, a return to vegetable gardening seemed a natural step …
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Citrus trees cause worry
The only "organic" method of killing trumpet vine roots is to cut off the top of the plant close to the ground and force it to sucker. As this … Herbicides used for this include some of the dandelion killers that contain dicamba or triclopyr in their …
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